High Commission of India, Accra, Ghana : Passport Services (2023)

A new portal for NRI passport applications have been created athttps://passport.gov.in/nri/which will enable NRI applicants to fill the form online without downloading the form first and then manually filling it up. This method is also better in terms of the time take to process any passport application and accuracy in avoiding the spelling mistakes.

New Passports

  • Issue of Passport
  • Re-issue of Passport
  • Issue of Passport in lieu of lost/stolen/damaged Passport

Miscellaneous passportservices

  • Change of address, change of name, date of birth,place of birth, deletion/additionof name of parents and spouse.
  • Issue of Police Clearance Certificate

Passport Services Application Forms

Application for New Passports
Application form Misc. Services

Application for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
Personal Particulars (PP) Form
Specimen Declaration/Affidavits

Application Form No. 1

To be used forFresh/Reissue/Replacement ofLost/Damagedpassports/ Change of Name/ Appearance/ Exhaustion of pages. The same application form is used for passports forminorsas well. New passport means applying for a passport for the first time or applying for a passport if you have never held any passport earlier. In case an application was ever made at any Passport Office prior to the present application and whether the application was processed or closed, or even if passport was issued and not received by the applicant, details thereof should be given in the relevant column in the present application. Failure to disclose these details, if any, would invite applicable penalty.

Reissue means an application for another passport in lieu of an existing one which has either expired or is about to expire. An applicant may apply for a new passport in lieu of an expired/about to expire passport up to 3 years after and 1 year before the expiry of the Passport. Re-issue of passport should not be mistaken forrenewalof passport. Renewal of passport means that a passport which was originally issued for a short validity of one to five years - under certain emergency conditions on the part of the applicant - is now required to be extended to its full validity of ten years from the date of issue of the passport. (Renewal is a zero fee service and the application should be made in Form No. 2).

Anewpassportis issued in lieu of a lost/stolen/damaged passport.

Instructions for filling up the Application Form-1:

At the beginning of the Application Form there are boxes for affixing photograph, appending signature/thumb impression.

Photographs:Recent passport size photographs (Three) in colour showing frontal view of full face are required. One photograph is to be pasted on form and two on the PP forms, which is to be filled in duplicate. Black and white photograph, photograph with coloured or dark glassess, Dark Background or in uniform, Polaroid prints or computer prints will not be accepted. The colour photographs should have a light background (preferably white) and should show the full face of the applicant frontally. In the box meant for affixing the photograph, please paste your recent and identical colour photograph of size 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm.. Photograph should fit exactly in the box and in any case not smaller than the box provided in the form. For Jumbo booklets, two additional photographs are required. The photographs on the PP forms have to be cross signed by the applicant whereas photograph on First page of the form is NOT to be signed.

Signature/thumb impressionshould be strictly within the box without touching the boundaries. Thumb impression should be of left hand in case of males and right hand in case of females. (Blue/Black ball pen to be used for signatures).

COLUMN 1 – Name (With documentary proof):The name up to 75 character long name can be given and filled in the form. The full name as it should appear in the Passport should be furnished here. For example,
Name: KARUR VAIKUNTA SUBRAMANIYAN RAMANATHAN PILLAI - Write the Surname as “PILLAI” in the boxes provided for Surname and put a comma and write “VAIKUNTA SUBRAMANIYAN RAMANATHAN” as the Given name in the rest of the columns. In case you do not have a surname, just write the given name.No initials should be written and they should be expanded.

COLUMN 2– If you have ever changed your name, please indicate the previous name in full. This will be applicable to a person who has even marginally changed the name or a lady who has changed her name/surname subsequent to the marriage. If there is no change in name at all, kindly write:Not applicable.

COLUMN 3– In case of Male/Female option, please write M or F as applicable in the box space provided. For others, please write ‘X’ in this box.

COLUMN 4 & 5Date of Birth & Place and Country of Birth: The date of birth is filled as dd/mm/yyyy and in words AND place of birth as shown in the old passport. In case of issue of fresh passport to minor child, a certificate of registration of birth issued byHigh Commission of India, Accraand affidavit sworn in by parents as perAnnexure Hare to be attached.

COLUMNS 6, 7 and 8:The name of Father, Mother and Spouse is to be entered in the respective columns. Surnames, if any, in these columns should be mentioned after the given names. In case the applicant is unmarried, column 8 asking for information on name of spouse may be filled as:Not applicable.

COLUMNS 9 and 10:Please give relevant details along with date since residing at the given address, telephone number with area code. These are required for the purpose of contacting in case additional information or document is required by Passport Office. Mobile phone number would be useful for sending SMS message to the applicant for the same purpose. If the period of residence given in Column 9 is less than one year on the date of application, please furnish the other addresses with duration of residence. Students staying away from their parents have the option of applying from place of study. In such cases, for proof of address, abonafidecertificate from the Principal/Director/Registrar/Dean of the educational institution is a must. An additional set of PP Form is to be submitted for more than one address in last one year.

COLUMN 11:Please give details of previous passport(s) held. Either the Previous Passport Number or the file number may be mentioned here along with date of issue and place of issue in the relevant boxes. In case previously applied for passport but the same was not received/issued, then the details such as file number, date applied and place where applied should be furnished here. Suppression of facts may attract penal provisions as per the section 12 of the Passports Act, 1967.

COLUMN 11(a):If ever travelled on Emergency Certificate (EC) or ever deported or repatriated to India at Government cost, then the details of EC number, date and place of issue along with original seizure memorandum, place and country from where deported or repatriated should be furnished in this column. Even if the EC details are not available readily, at least the place and country from where deported or repatriated should invariably be given here. All such applicants should furnish details of circumstances of their repatriation/loss of passport in a form of notarized affidavit.

COLUMN 12:Details like educational qualifications, visible distinguishing mark and the height in centimeters are to be provided against the respective item.

COLUMN 13:The relevant entry as ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ should be marked in the box space provided. If working in Central / State Government, Public Sector Undertakings, Statutory Bodies, a “Identity Certificate” from the concerned office should be attached as perAnnexure B

COLUMN 14:Regarding citizenship, whether it is by birth, descent, registration or naturalization is to be recorded in the box space provided by either B/D/R/N as the case may be. If held any other citizenship before Indian citizenship, then please furnish the previous citizenship in the blank space provided.

COLUMN 15:Please write Y or N as applicable. It may be mentioned here that Indian citizens categorized as Emigration Clearance Required (ECR) before leaving the country are required to get a clearance from the Protector General of Emigrants. Applicants in ECR category will have the ECR Stamp put on their passports. In case the passport booklet does not have ECR stamp, the applicant would be deemed to have been granted Emigration Clearance Not Required (ECNR) status. No ECNR stamp will be affixed on the passport.

An applicant would beeligible for ECNR status if he/she falls in any one of the following categories and provides documentary proof thereof:

  • All holders of Diplomatic/official Passports.
  • All GAZETTED Government servants.
  • All Income-Tax payers (including Agricultural Income-Tax Payees) in their individual capacity. Proof of assessment of income tax and actual payment of income tax for last one year or copy of PAN card to be insisted upon, and not merely payment of advance tax. However, in most cases as an assessment order is not issued separately by the income tax department, income tax returns which are stamped by income tax authorities can be accepted.
  • All professional Degree holders, such as Doctors holding MBBS degree or equivalent degree in AYURVED or HOMEOPATHY, accredited Journalists, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Lecturers, Teachers, Scientists, Advocates, etc.
  • Spouses and dependent children of category of persons listed from (b) to (d).
  • All persons having educational qualifications of matriculation and above.
  • Seamen who are in possession of CDC or Sea Cadets, Deck Cadets.
  • Persons who have passed final examination of three years B.Sc. Nautical Sciences Courses at T.S. CHANAKYA, MUMBAI; and (ii) who have undergone three months Pre-Sea training at any of the Government approved Training Institutes such as T.S.CHANAKYA, T.S. REHMAN, T.S. JAWAHAR, MTI (SCI) and NIPM, CHENNAI, after production of identity cards issued by the Shipping Master, MUMBAI/KOLKATA/CHENNAI.
  • Persons holding Permanent Immigration Visa, such as the visas of UK, USA and Australia.
  • Persons possessing two years diploma from any institute recognized by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) or State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT) or persons holding three years’ diploma/equivalent degree from institutions like Polytechnics recognized by Central/State Governments.
  • Nurses possessing qualifications recognized under the Indian Nursing Council Act. 1947.
  • All persons above the age of 50 years.
  • All persons who have been staying abroad for more than three years (the period of three years could be either in one stretch or broken) and their spouses.
  • All children up to the age of 18 years of age. (At the time of re-issue at the age of 18 years, ECR stamping shall be done, if applicable).

No emigration clearance is required for visiting Bangladesh, Pakistan and all countries in Europe (excluding CIS states), North America, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa and Singapore.

The eligible category should be mentioned in the blank space provided under this column and supportive documents should be attached with the application.

It may be mentioned that with effectfrom Oct 1, 2007 Government of India has abolished Emigration Check Required Suspension (ECRS).Thus, ECR passport holders travelling abroad for purpose other than employment will be allowed to leave the country on production of valid passport, valid visa and return ticket at the immigration counters at international airport in India. For employment purpose, such passport holders require emigration clearance from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POEs). Otherwise, they will be stopped from travelling at the port of exit. Applicants are, therefore, advised to apply for ECNR, if they are eligible, to ensure hassle-free travel abroad.It may be noted that the passport booklet will only have ECR category stamped and in case the passport booklet does not have ECR stamp, the applicant would be deemed to have been granted ECNR status.

COLUMN 16:In this column, while applying for the first time for the minor children who are less than 18 years of age, the details of valid passports held byboth or eitherparents should be furnished in the relevant column. In such cases, passport to their minor child will be issued without any police verification. Further, in the cases where the parents do not hold valid passports, applications for such minors can be made on the basis of three documents of parents details of which are given in Para C (B) ofSectionIVof the Passport Information Booklet along with Standard affidavit atAnnexure I. In all such cases, passport to their minor child will be issued on post-police verification basis. A declaration on plain paper as given atAnnexure His needed to be filled up in each case. In case the minor child who is between 15 and 18 years of age wishes to obtain a full validity passport for 10 years, the same can be issued only on submission of Standard Affidavit as inAnnexure Iand any three of the 14 document as mentioned in Para C (B) ofSection IV of Passport Information Booklet by the parents and on payment of fee equivalent to the normal passport fee i.e. Rs. 1000/- for a 36 pages passport, as applicable for an adult. Otherwise the validity of the passport is restricted to five years or attaining the age of 18, whichever is earlier. In case of single parent and children born out of wedlock or in case of parents who are judicially separated, a sworn affidavit before a Magistrate, stating the facts of the case along with documentary proof to be submitted as perAnnexure C. In thenormal course, the signature/consent of both parents is required for issue of a passport to the minoras perAnnexure H. However, if in case the applicant parent is not in a position to get the consent of the other parent,for whatever reason, the parent applying for the passport of the minor may sign the form and submit a sworn affidavit as perAnnexure G stating the facts and circumstances of the case along with the application. The affidavit should also state that in case of a court case he/she would be responsible and not the passport office. In such cases, where only one parent is applying, the physical appearance of the child may be requested to ensure the applicant's parent has the actual custody of the child.

COLUMN 17:The applicant should give correct information. Suppression of any fact may lead to fine up to Rs.5000 per offence and other penal provisions as applicable under the provisions of the Passports Act, 1967 as amended from time to time.

COLUMN 18:In this column, the name and address along with Mobile or Telephone number/email id of person to be intimated in the event of death or accident is to be furnished.

COLUMN 19:This column is a self declaration made by the applicant about owing allegiance to the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India, not voluntarily acquiring the citizenship or travel document from any other country etc. Also this column contains declaration in furnishing true information in the application form and an applicant is aware that it is an offence under the Passport Act 1967 for giving any wrong information or suppression of any material information in getting the passport. The applicant also declares that he has no other passport or travel document. Under the space provided, the signature or Thumb Impression (left hand thumb impression for male and right hand thumb impression for female) should be furnished along with date and place of application.

COLUMN 20:Photocopies of all documents that are attached as enclosures along with the application form should be listed in the blank spaces provided and each document self attested by the applicant.

Passport/Miscellaneous Application Form No. 2

For making application for Police Clearance Certificate, Deletion of ECR Stamp, Inclusion of Spouse's Name and Change of Address. The same Form is used for renewing a short term validity passport to its full term validity.

Documents to be attached with Passport Application

A. For Fresh passport(Fresh passports are issued only in case of child born abroad):

Proof of address:Copy of parents passport

Proof of Date of Birth:Birth certificate issued by a Local Governmental agencyorBirth Certificate issued by the Foreign Missions/Post abroad ( Not required in case the name of child was included in the parents passport)

Citizenship Documentif applicant is a citizen of India by Registration or Naturalization.

A Declarationaffirming the particulars furnished in the application about the minor child as perAnnexure H(signed by both parents).

Attested photocopy of passport of both parents, applicable. If one of the parent is residing in India, a declaration duly attested by Magistrate/Notary.(Original passports of parents should be presented for verification of particulars.)

B. For Adopted Children:

In case of Adopted Children the following documents are to be furnished:
i) Valid adoption deed registered as per Indian laws
ii) In the case of Christians, Muslims and Parsis, a court order granting guardianship and allowing the child to be taken out of the Country.
iii) Copy of the guarantee executed before the Court concerned.

C.When applying for re-issue of a passport after 10 years, attach:

(a) Old passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first four and last four pages, including ECR/ECNR page and page containing visa/resident status in the country of residence.
(b) Copy of certificate of matriculation and above or proof of three years continuous stay abroad if the old passport did not have ECNR stamp or it was issued when the applicant was a minor.
(c) If there is any change in address, copy of Applicant’s ration card, certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head, water /telephone /electricity bill/statement of running bank account/Income Tax Assessment Order /Election Commission ID card, Gas connection Bill, Spouse’s passport copy, parent’s passport copy in case of minors. (NOTE: If any applicant submits only ration card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by one more proof of address out of the above categories).
(c) If the old passport does not contain spouse name, copy of marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriage or affidavit jointly signed by the applicant and his/her spouse with copy of joint photograph therein. (specimen atAnnexure D)

D.For Change of Name following marriage, remarriage or divorce:

(a) A woman applying for change of name/surname in existing passport due to marriage must furnish:

  • Photocopy of the Husband’s passport, if any, and
  • An attested copy of marriage certificate issued by Registrar of MarriageORan affidavit from the husband and wife along with a joint photograph, (Specimen atAnnexure D).

(b) Divorcees applying for change of nameORfor deletion of spouse’s name in existing passport must furnish-

  • Certified copy of Divorce decree.
  • Deed poll/sworn affidavit (ANNEXURE E)

(c) Re-married applicants applying for change of name/spouse’s name must furnish:

  • Divorce deed/death certificate as the case may be in respect of first spouse, and
  • Document as at (a) above relating to second marriage.

E. In other circumstances for change of name, the applicant (both male and female) should furnish:

  • Deed poll/sworn affidavit(ANNEXURE E)
  • Paper cuttings of two leading daily newspapers in original (one daily newspaper should be of the area of applicant’s permanent and present address or nearby area).

F. Cases of Lost/Damaged Passports:The applicant has to fill the passport application form and submit the same along with following deeds:

  • Police Complaint (FIR), original certified copy.
  • First and last four pages of old passport.
  • If there is any change in address, proof of address.

G. Out of Turn Reissue of Passport under ‘Tatkaal’ Scheme:

Standard Affidavit asAnnexure I should be submitted along with the TATKAAL fee in addition to documents required for re-issue of passport on expiry of 10 years or against lost/damaged passport as the case may be. The TATKAAL fee is in addition to the applicable passport fee and payable in cash. Details are available in Fee Schedule. (No proof of urgency is required for Out-of-Turn issue of passport.)

The High Commission of India, Accra, is not accepting applications for issue of new passports under the 'Tatkaal' scheme as all new passports granted by the High Commission are printed in India and issuing to the applicants after receipt of the printed passports from India.

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