Degree & Certificate Programs (2023)


Accounting Degree

Graduates of our accounting degree program will play a central role in the financial life of a business or client. They will learn to assemble, identify, record, and interpret financial information in private and public accounting.

Automotive Service Technology

Students who earn our automotive degree are prepared to assume positions in the automotive industry as entry-level automotive technicians. Students become adept in all aspects of the automobile and automotive repair, including electrical/electronics, engine repair, engine performance, heating/AC, suspension, brakes, and transmissions.

Aviation Maintenance Technology

RVC offers an FAA Certified program in aviation maintenance as well as certification programs for airframe mechanic and powerplant mechanic. Aviation repair is a growing field that will need 584,000 new technicians in the next 20 years.


Business Degree

Graduates of the Business Administration degree program will have acquired knowledge and skills of business and leadership which can be applied to entry level jobs.


Cisco Networking

Successful graduates have found work as network support specialists, software support specialists, network administrators, system administration, and network specialists among others.

Graduates of the Computers and Information Systems Program learn the complexities of computer software, hardware, and programming processes to enable them to be successful in the workplace. Although many graduates of the program begin work as entry-level programmers, opportunities are also available as a programmer/analyst, technical support specialist, PC specialist, operations specialist, and in database support.

Criminal Justice

Graduates of the Criminal Justice Program meet the minimum educational requirements necessary to complete for sworn positions at most local and state law enforcement agencies as well as, private security firms. With experience and additional training or education, there are opportunities for graduates to advance into areas of specialization and management. Opportunities include positions in law enforcement, crime prevention, probation, corrections, court records, communications/dispatch, and security/loss prevention.


Graduates of the Data Assurance & IT Security Program are prepared for a career in computer network and Internet security. Responsibilities include developing information security strategies, performing analyses, installing security software, monitoring network traffic, and developing emergency plans. Graduates secure jobs such as security specialists, network specialists, security technicians, security support specialists, and security assistants.

Dental Hygiene

A career in dental hygiene offers opportunities in multiple settings. Registered Dental Hygienists are part of a dental health team. Dental hygienists work in private and corporate dental offices, where they provide treatment and services that help to prevent oral disease such as dental caries and periodontal disease and educate the client about maintenance of optimal oral health. They also work in hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities, schools, correctional facilities, health maintenance organizations and higher education institutions where they serve as faculty members.


Early Childhood Education

Graduates of the Early Childhood Education Program are well-versed in child development, developmentally appropriate practices, discipline techniques, and other integral facets of early childhood education. Students will be prepared to direct or teach at a day care center or preschool. Opportunities exist in home-based care, day care centers, nursery schools, preschools, private homes, and at before or after-school programs.

Electrician Apprenticeship (ELC)

The Electrician Apprentice (ELC) Program consists of a series of technical core courses covering the required classroom-related instruction for people who wish to become journeyman electrical workers. The program requires a minimum of 800 hours of related instruction and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Those who successfully complete the Electrician Apprentice Program are employed as residential or commercial wiremen, linemen, and/or advanced journeypersons.

Electronic Engineering Technology

Graduates of the Electronic Engineering Technology Program have the necessary skills to use electronic test equipment to make measurements, understand electrical schematics and blueprints, analyze electronic circuits and understand fundamental design concepts, relate the principles of electrical circuits to hydraulic circuits and pneumatics. The graduates are ready to support manufacturing, design test equipment, produce and test products, and to assist in product development. Successful graduates secure positions as test equipment designers, quality assurance and reliability specialists, sales and service professionals, control system technicians, medical equipment experts, or as part of a manufacturing support team.


Fire Science

Few careers may be as physically challenging as they are deeply rewarding as is fire service. Ever changing technologies and firefighting tactics make the fire service a dynamic and exciting career. The Fire Science Program at RVC offers two learning options for students. Graduates have secured positions in fire protection and prevention, firefighting, dispatch/communications, fire equipment manufacturing and sales, and volunteer fire protection. With additional training, graduates can enter the specialties of fire inspection and insurance investigation.

The FWS degree provides students with the educational and practical experiences needed to obtain employment in sport, recreation, exercise, or fitness organizations. It also provides students the opportunity to transfer to a 4-year degree program in Exercise Science, Sport Management, or other related fields in order to enhance their earnings potential.


Graphic Arts Technology

Students in the program are prepared for a variety of jobs in the printing and publishing industry and related fields of graphic arts. The graphic arts industry is a major employer in Illinois. This program focuses on developing students with a well-rounded education encompassing both the creative and technical aspects of the industry with a focus on the digital production techniques that are changing the world of media delivery.


Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Graduates of this program are prepared for interdisciplinary careers in high-tech manufacturing and industrial technology. The areas of emphasis are modern design methods, production, and continuous improvement techniques. In addition to the areas of product design, 3-D CAD modeling, process planning, production scheduling, quality technician, and CNC programming and operation, a graduate of this degree may assume responsibilities in automated production, technical sales, and problem solving in many other areas of today’s dynamic world of manufacturing.


Nursing (A.A.S. Degree)

The Rock Valley College Associate Degree Nursing Program prepares graduates to work as entry-level registered professional nurses (RN) in a variety of health care settings, including acute care facilities, long-term care and many specialty related health care facilities. Classes, labs and clinical experiences are integrated into our nursing degree program.


Office Professional

The Office Professional Program allows students to focus on one of four areas of office administration: General office, medical office, legal office, or office software application professionals. Under the guidance of the Associate Dean of Business/CIS, students will be able to tailor a program that meets their unique needs.


Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care is an allied health profession that focuses on the care of patients with cardiopulmonary (heart and lung) problems. The graduates of the RVC program are prepared to work locally and nationally. As highly skilled and knowledgeable Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT), they are vital parts of the health care team. RRT’s actively work to deliver direct patient care with physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals. This includes patient assessment to help guide the treatment, care, education, and rehabilitation of the patient.


Sustainable Energy Systems

Graduates of the Sustainable Energy Systems Program have a broad understanding of energy efficiency and conservation, comprehensive energy and electrical-load audits, alternative electrical energy generation using photovoltaics, wind turbines, fuel cells, and microhydro. They also understand how active and passive solar technology (including geothermal systems) can be used to produce air conditioning via heat pumps and radiant floor heating. They comprehend solar hot water heating systems as well as well as tankless hot water heating. The graduates are ready to work in alternative energy product and service development, testing and alternative energy product certifications with an emphasis on the electrical and electronic systems.


Graduates of this program are prepared for a career in Website programming and support. Thus, students will not only be able to design Web pages, but apply technical specifications to bring them to life. Graduates of this program often work as Web programmers, Web programmer assistants, Web server systems administrators, Web designers, or Web media developers. Students obtaining this degree will be better prepared to take the following certifications: WOW, ZEND, PHP Certification, Magento Certification, and the W3C certification.

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