College of Arts and Science (2023)

Dr.Sahar Al-Jubori Lecturer Sahar Al-Jubori, Ph.D. in Contemporary History from the University of Baghdad, 2002. Over 20 years of teaching experience in several academic institutions in Iraq and Sweden. Supervised many Master’s and Ph.D. Degrees researches and thesis. Extensive research experience in History studies. Translated many researches and historical studies to and from Swedish. Participated in joint studies to archive the History of Northern Europe. Member of many Professional and Academic Associations like Iraqi Historians Association, Member since 1997, Iraqi Academic Professionals Association, Member since 2003, Member of the Executive Committee to archive the Iraqi Cabinets since 1921, Member of the Executive Committee to archive the Iraqi Defense Ministers since 1921, and Member of the Executive Committee to archive the history of the City of Kerkuk. Attended and contributed to many Historical Studies International Conferences.

Dr.Ruba Miqdadi Associate Professor Dr. Ruba Miqdadi is an Associate Professor of mathematics education. She earned her bachelor in Computer Science from Yarmouk University. Ruba traveled to the United States of America where she earned her Master's Degree in Mathematics Education at Northern Illinois University and Doctoral degree in Mathematics Education at Southern Illinois University. She then worked as an Assistant Professor at Dubai University in United Arabs Emirates for one year. Ruba traveled back to the States and taught courses in pure mathematics and mathematics education at Southern Illinois University. Ruba joined Yarmouk University and served as an Assistant and Associate professor and taught both graduate and undergraduate students and have supervised seven Master students’ thesis. Currently she joined Qatar University as an Associate professor in the Department of Educational Sciences.

Dr.Mohamed F. Saleh Lecturer Mohamed F. Saleh was awarded his PhD in Sociology by the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa in March, 2010. His thesis focuses on the power of women within Libyan families. In 2000, he obtained Master in Sociology with a concentration in the key factors of urban development in desert communities. from the Department of Sociology at Garyounis University (currently known as Benghazi University).Dr. Salehhas 13 years of academic teaching and researching experiences in Benghazi University and Sirte University in Libya. He has worked as assistant professor at Sirte University from 2013 till 2016.In 2011, he established Al Mostashar Center for Psychological and Social Studies. The center's mission was to promote research with a view to finding solutions to some complex social problems in the Libyan society.In addition, Dr. Saleh has been a member of the editorial board of Abhath Journal, an accredited research journal published by the Faculty of Arts at Sirte University from March 2014- June 2016.

Mr.Sergio Caballero-Tirado Lecturer Sergio Caballero-Tirado is currently a Lecturer of Spanish at Qatar University (College of Arts and Sciences). He obtained his Bachelor in English Language and Literature, as well as a Masters degree in Teaching English and Spanish as Foreign Languages from the University of Alicante (Spain), where he cooperated in a research project about methodological innovation at university-level teaching.Some of his research interests include intercultural pragmatics, pronunciation, dialectology and cultural studies, which led him to complete his training in Germany (Universität Mannheim) and the UK (University of Bath). He has completed several language courses and cultural exchange programmes in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Germany, Turkey or Italy and has participated in several international programmes co-organised by the University of Alicante and other partner Universities (e.g. University of Memphis, Northern Arizona University or Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey).

Dr.Saddam Abbasi Assistant Professor Dr. Saddam Akber Abbasi is from Pakistan and received Ph.D. in Statistics from The University of Auckland, New Zealand in 2013. He was the recipient of New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship funded by Education NZ. In his Ph. D. thesis, he proposed control chart designs for efficient/robust monitoring of parameters considering normal and non-normal processes. Before joining Qatar University, Dr. Abbasi served as an Assistant Professor in King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, for three years.His research interests include statistical process control, time series analysis, profile monitoring and nonparametric statistics.

Dr.Lara Al-Hadeed Assistant Professor Dr. Lara A. Al-Hadeed is an Assistant Professor in Sociology at CSA at Qatar University, before joining Qatar University was Assistant Professor in Sociology, at Social studies department at Kink Faisal University in Saudi Arabia.She received her Ph.D in Sociology in 2010 from the University of Jordan, in Socio-Economic Development, the dissertation entitled "The Impact of Small Loans on the Socio-Economic Conditions of Beneficiaries in Amman governorate" which was given with Privilege degree. Her MA was in medical Sociology, and holds BA in Sociology from the University of Jordan.Dr. Al-Hadeed Joined the University of Jordan in the year 2011 as Lecturer, then joined Qatar University for one year as visiting Lecturer.She worked as Acting Director of Indirect Finance, at Development and Employment Fund (DEF) in Jordan since the year 2009 until 2014, and as head of the Social Performance Management team at DEF (2009-2011).Advisor for Gender Based Violence Project, International Rescue Committee, Jordan, 2012.2006-2014, National High Committee Member for Citi-Bank Micro-entrepreneurship Award in Jordan.Her research interests in Gender Issues, Socio-Economical Development and types of Social Change in general, and has many publications in social sciences journals.

Dr.James Onley Visiting Associate Professor James Onley is Visiting Associate Professor of Modern Gulf History and Heritage at the Gulf Studies Center in the College of Arts and Sciences. He holds a D.Phil. in Modern History from the University of Oxford (2001), where he studied at St. Antony’s College. He specializes in the history, politics, society, and culture of the Gulf Arab states, Iran, and India, as well as British imperialism, from the sixteenth to twentieth centuries.Onley is the founding Editor of the Journal of Arabian Studies (published by Routledge since 2011) and was Director of the Centre for Gulf Studies at the University of Exeter during 2005–12. He is the author of The Arabian Frontier of the British Raj: Merchants, Rulers, and the British in the Nineteenth Century Gulf (Oxford University Press, 2007), which was runner-up for the Middle East Studies Association’s Albert Hourani Book Award, and has published over thirty articles and chapters on the Gulf. He is presently completing India and the Gulf: Trade, Society, and Empire across the Indian Ocean, 1507–1947 (Cambridge University Press) and an extensive item-level catalogue of the Gulf-related records in the National Archive of India in New Delhi and Maharashtra State Archive in Mumbai from the 1660s to 1960s –– about 100,000 records in all. Together, these two archives hold one of the largest, if not the largest, bodies of historical records on these countries in the world. Onley is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society, and has held visiting positions at the University of Bahrain (1998–99), the American University of Sharjah in the UAE (2005–07), Georgetown University in Qatar (2008–09), and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (2015­–16). Before joining academia, James Onley served in the Canadian Army for twelve years and was a UN peacekeeper in Iraq at the end of the Iran-Iraq War.

Dr.Eid Abo Hamza Assistant Professor Dr. Eid Hamza has joined Qatar University recently, Psychology program in Faculty of Arts and Sciences.Elaborately, he has raised in Egypt with degrees from University of Arkansas, Post-doctoral in University of South Florida and Tanta University. His research has focused on preventive interventions for victims of peer aggression in school, project about wellness of international students, math anxiety among student in different majors, forgiveness and infidelity, and addiction treatment research. During his time in Egypt, he focused on helping Save our Solves (SOS village) in Egypt and teaching at Tanta University.In 2011, Dr. Hamza got his PhD from the University of Arkansas specializing on Addiction Counseling and Special Education in Egypt and Middle East. Regarding his academic experience, he has taught at different counties such as the University of Hull in UK, Tanta University in Egypt, and Sultan Qaboos University in Oman Sultanate.For more information regarding Dr. Abo Hamza, please follow these links:

Dr.Essam Ayyad Assistant Professor Dr Ayyad received his PhD in the history of Islamic civilization from the University of Leeds, UK, in 2011. He then worked as a lecturer in the history of Islamic civilization at Suez Canal University, Egypt. In 2015, Dr Ayyad joined the University of Cambridge as a visiting scholar at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. Before joining Qatar University in September 2016, Dr Ayyad was elected to Imam Tirmizi Visiting Research Fellowship at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, a recognized independent centre of the University of Oxford. He joined Oxford as a visiting research fellow during Trinity Term 2016. The major part of Dr Ayyad’s writings seek to integrate Islamic cultural heritage with religious imperatives. His main interest is to explore the array of religious/cultural prompts and modalities that shaped the various aspects of Islamic civilization, with most of his studies centring on the early period. As such, his research on Islamic history and historiography usually intersects with such genres as Islamic archaeology, philosophy, jurisprudence, Arabic language as well as ḥadīth and Qurʾānic studies.

Ms.Eiman Abushihab Lecturer Eiman Abushihab completed her bachelor’s degree in Arabic from the University of Jordan, Jordanand her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration on methods of teaching Arabic language from the University of Indianapolis, U.S.A. Prior to joining the Arabic for Non Native Speakers Center at Qatar University, she taughtArabic Language for Non Native Speakers and Arabic Culture classes at the University of Indianapolis,Johns Hopkins University, and most recently at the University of Baltimore, in the U.S.A.Over the course of her career, she has published two research studiesin high impact scholarly journals;one on reading self-concept and Arab American students and the other on self-esteem and Arab-American elementary students. She has worked for McGraw-Hill Publishers as an assessment test reviewer of Arabic language and Islamic studies for high school students. Additionally, she has established Arabic Proficiency Tests for the American Councils Arabic Language Tests Development. She hasalso givenmultiple workshops on lesson planning and on curriculum mapping to school teachers. While working at the University of Indianapolis, she earned the “Outstanding Service Award."​

Dr.Hajar Nassar Lecturer Dr. Hajar obtained her Ph. D in Social Work from Helwan University in Egypt in 2011 , in her thesis she studied about NGos in Jordan she completed abachelors and masters degree from jordan , She worked at Albalqa University in Jordan where she taught courses like social policy, welfare, medical social work, and others.Dr. Nassar’s research interests are mainly in the areas of family issues, homeless children, and juvenile delinquency.

Ms.Mariam Alisi Teaching Assistant Mariam Alisi holds two master degrees from London. The first is MA in Sociology with the specialty of communities, organizations and social change from City University. The second is MSc in Methodology with the specialty of social policy research from London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE).Mariam worked with international NGOs such as Amnesty International and UNESCO as well as other London based NGOs.She strongly believes in Education to enhance, transform or even change people's lives. So, teaching and learning are the most favorite activities according to her.

Dr.Mohammed Maraqten Research Professor Education: Semitic languages and ancient Near Eastern Studies, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany (M.A.: 1985; PhD: 1987).Employment and Professional Experience: University professor and researcher 1987-2016: University of Marburg; University of Jena; University of Mainz (Germany); University of Vienna (Austria), The German Orient-Institute, Beirut (Lebanon) and the University of Heidelberg (Germany).Fieldwork: Archaeological Excavations and Surveys in Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman and Morocco; Documentations of the Ancient South Arabian minuscule inscriptions from the National Museum of Ṣanʿāʾ.Teaching and Working Areas: Semitic Languages and Literatures; Cultural History of the ancient Near East; History and Culture of pre-Islamic Arabia; Semitic Epigraphy/Ancient South Arabian inscriptions; Arabic dialects.Publications and Professional Activities: Participated at more than sixty international conferences and guest lectures at several Universities. Four books and more than fifty academic publications on Semitic epigraphy, folklore, history of the ancient Near East and cultural history of pre-Islamic Arabia.Current Research Projects: Publications of Ancient South Arabian inscriptions from Yemen; Ancient water technology in pre-Islamic Arabia; Ancient Arabs and the ʿArabiyya.

Prof.Hussein Soliman Professor Dr. Soliman is a professor of social work at Southern Illinois University. Hewas previously employed as a faculty member at Widener University, Pennsylvania (1996- 2004),and United Arab Emirates (2001-2003). He served as a consultant and Visiting Professor for the National Foundation for Drug Prevention in Cairo, Egypt, and the Department of Social Work at the United Arab Emirates University, Imam University, Saudi Arabia. He was the Co-chair of the Disaster and Traumatic Stress Symposium at CSWE. From 2011 to 2014 Dr. Soliman wasthe Chair for AlberHumanitarianChair at UmmAlqura University- Saudi Arabia. He served as thePrincipleinvestigator of the tow Child welfare grants with anannualbudget of 6.1 million (2013 - 2016).in the summer of 2016,Dr. Soliman served as the academicadviserfor the distinguished researchers trainingprogram for the Saudi Society for Social Studies. Also, he was theacademicadviser four years (2014- 2008) ofa training program betweenSIUC &the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). On another occasion Dr. Soliman worked as an expert with the United NationDevelopmentprogram in Syria"UNDP"(2008-2009). Currently, Dr. Soliman is the academic adviser of a research group at King Saud University.Finally,Dr. Soliman has over 45 internationalpublications (books,book chapters and articles).

Dr.Amy Christmas Assistant Professor Amy Christmas received her undergraduate (2008) and doctoral (2014) degrees from the University of Leeds, while studying and working at York St John University. She has been employed as a Visiting Lecturer of Literature and Creative Writing at York St John (UK), Dublin City University (Ireland), and the University of Silesia (Poland). From 2014 to 2016 she was teaching in the Contemporary English Language and Literature programme at United International College (Beijing Normal University & Hong Kong Baptist University) in Guangdong, mainland China, before joining QU this semester.Her research area is science fiction, with particular focus on surveillance, identity and narratology within the genre and also in relation to ontology and culture.

Dr.Hela Miniaoui Associate Professor Dr. Hela holds a Masters in Economics from Laval University, Canada & a joint PhD in Economics from the University of Montreal, Canada and University of Tunis, Tunisia.Dr. Hela's research focuses primarily on Macroeconomics, Islamic Banking & Finance, and Monetary Policy.Before joining the Gulf Studies Center at the College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University as Associate Professor of Economics, Dr. Hela served as Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business, at the University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE, where she taught in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs and supervised PhD students. She also served as the Program Director for the Bachelor of Commerce-Finance.Her research has been published in various refereed journals and she has presented in international conferences. Dr. Hela serves on the editorial and review committee of several international journalsDr. Hela has consulting experience, including with IDEA-Consult (Tunisia), African Development Bank Group (Côte d’Ivoire) and Awqaf (Endowments) New Zealand.She is a member of The Middle East Economic Association (MEEA) and a research fellow at The Economic Research Forum (ERF).

Dr.Aref Alkhattar Professor Dr. Aref Alkhattar joined QU this academic year as Fulbright Scholar.Before that he was a Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at University of Pittsburgh where he taught courses on Terrorism and Homeland Security. His current status is a full professor at California University of Pennsylvania (Cal U) where he teaches graduate and under graduate courses on Terrorism, intelligence, research methods, crime theories and other courses in that field. Dr. Alkhattar has served in the following administrative positions at CalU: Chairman of the Department of Justice, Law and Society (included Criminology&Criminal Justice, Sociology, Anthropology, Women Studious, and leadership studies); Director of Applied Criminology; and Director of Justice Studies programs.He earned his Master’s and a Ph.D. in Criminology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a B.A in Arabic language and literature at the University of Jordan. Furthermore, Dr. Al-Khattar is a multi-year honoree in Who’s Who Among American Teachers & Educators. In addition, He is a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the American Society of Criminology, and the World Society of Victimiology. He currently serves as a consultant to the National Institute of Justice / Department of Justice; reviewer to the following Journals Criminology and Public Policy, Journal of Iinternational Criminal Justice , Jordan Journal of Social Sciences, International Journal of Security and Terrorism,Criminal Justice Studies, and Criminal Justice Policy Review.Dr. Al-Khattar is a retired law enforcement officer (Lieutenant Colonel, General Intelligence Department) with seventeen years of intelligence experience in the Kingdom of Jordan. He received the Medal of Independence from late King Hussein in 1992, in person, for his distinguished role in protecting the security of Jordan. Dr. Al-Khattar is the author of Religion and terrorism: An interfaith perspective published by Greenwood publishers, USA.According to the Journal of the American Society of International Law (October 2003), this book “ is a must for any collection, public or private, where readers seek a succinct and authoritative overview of the religious undertones associated with the contemporary terrorist threat.” Finally, Dr. Al-Khattar has presented a number of papers at international and national conferences on terrorism - related issues in the United States and overseas. He has appeared on ABC World News, Nightline, C-SPAN and has been interviewed by a number of newspapers, radio and TV stations in the United States, Canada, France, Ireland, and Jordan on issues relating to terrorism in the Middle East. For more information, visit Homepage:

Ms.Ruba Abu Tarboush Teaching Assistant Ruba Abu Tarboush received the Master degree in Social Work from the Jordan University 2014, currently working as “ Teaching Assistant in Social work department in Faculty of Art and Science in Qatar University,Prior to joining Qatar University, she worked in several areas in many organizations such as program manger for family counseling and in the field of women 's and children's rights and in organizations working with refugees and their rights , also she is a member in many associations in Jordan.

Dr.Saida Atawna Lecturer I am Saida Atawna, from Palestine. I have received a PhD degree in Mathematics from National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia-UKM) in 2014. I have Master degree in Scientific Computing (2005) and B.Sc in Mathematics (2001) from Birzeit University -Palestine. During the course of my study, I published many papers in ISI journals. Furthermore, I worked as a University Lecturer in Birzeit University and Alquds Open University-Palestine between 2006-2010.

Dr.Mohammad Al-Saidi Research Assistant Professor Mohammad Al-Saidi holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Heidelberg (Germany) and two master-level degrees in political sciences and economics from the same university. He also studied sociology and philosophy. His Ph.D. research focused on political economic reforms in the water sectors of Yemen and Morocco under the paradigm of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Prior to joining the Center for Sustainable Development at QU as research assistant professor for sustainable development policy and planning, he worked as a senior researcher at the Institute for Technology in the Tropics (ITT) of the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences in Germany (2011 until 2016). He coordinated collaborative higher education projects (Ethiopia, Sudan, Jordan) and research projects on the Water, Energy and Food Nexus (WEF Nexus). Dr. Al-Saidi publishes IWRM, WEF Nexus, water pricing policies, water decentralization reforms, transboundary water management (Nile basin) among others. He has been teaching different courses like water policy and legislation, WEF Nexus, sustainable development water economics, and environmental governance.

Dr.Suzanne Hammad Research Associate Research interests and areas of expertise: civil society development, youth empowerment and needs, intergenerational continuities and discontinuities, social cohesion, space, place and socio-political behavior, social policy planning and evaluation, children’s rights, social problems and family studiesDr. Suzanne Hammad joined Qatar University’s Centre for Humanities and Social Studies in September 2016. She is Research Associate and supports the CHSS with focus on social and behavioural studies. Suzanne obtained her PhD in Sociology from Queens University Belfast, a member of the Russell Group of the UK’s 20 top research-intensive universities. Her research involved an ethnography and theoretical examination of the entanglements between contested places and a spectrum of overt and less visible everyday resistances enacted by its residents. Intergenerational and gendered dimensions were explored as well.Her Masters degree was from Nottingham University in the UK on Social Policy and Administration with a child rights focus. Suzanne has published a number of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and has forthcoming articles on theory and research methodology as well as a PhD monograph. Suzanne has also designed and conducted numerous consultancies for international and regional civil society organisations and think tanks that have involved cross-sectoral qualitative research, programme evaluation impact assessment, strategic planning and policy analysis, and organizational capacity building. Drawing upon this consultancy and research experience as well as 17 prior years of experience with UN bodies and other international and local civil society organisations, her publications also include reports and blogs related to key areas of concern to sociologists in the Arab world and beyond.Dr. Hammad is a member of the British Sociological Association and the International Sociological Association, and is affiliated with a number of working groups including the Intergenerational Working Group at Oxford University Ageing Institute, the Conflict in Cities working group, and the Resistance Studies Network. On behalf of CHSS, she will be working closely with faculty within the following Research Groups: Civil Society, Mental Health, and Youth, and beyond that keen on engaging in interdisciplinary research with a social and behavioural lens on key issues in Qatari society and beyond. Download Resume

Dr.Assem Dandashly BDC-QU Visiting Fellow I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science at Maastricht University. Prior to joining Maastricht University in 2012, I was a Research Fellow at the Kolleg-Forschergruppe “TheTransformative Power of Europe” Freie Universität Berlin. I hold a PhD in Political Science (2012) from the University of Victoria, BC Canada. Before moving to Berlin, I was a Research Associate at the Centre for Competition policy at the University of East Anglia. He was also a research assistant and sessional instructor at the University of Victoria. In 2008-2009, I was a visiting researcher at the Economic University of Krakow in Poland and the Central European University in Budapest. Before moving to Victoria, I was a Fulbright Graduate Student at Marquette University, Wisconsin-USA.My research interests are definitely multi-faceted as they fall within the Comparative Politics and International Relations in general in addition to political economy. One area of my research builds on my PhD dissertation and deals with the euro in Central and East European Countries in addition to the euro crisis. The other area of research focuses on the European Union-MENA relations in the wake of the Arab Spring – with a focus on democracy promotion, authoritarianism and security.

Dr.Aya Okamoto Lecturer Aya Okamoto is a lecturer of Japanese language in the department of International Affairs. She studies Applied Linguistics at School of Oriental and African studies: SOAS (M.A) and University of Essex (Ph.D). She taught Japanese language and linguistics at Aarhus University in Denmark, University of Lille in France and Hsuan Chuang University in Taiwan before coming to Qatar. Her main research interests are in the area of second language acquisition of Japanese and English, with special interests in Tense, Aspect and Argument Structure.

Dr.Luiz Pinto Visiting Scholar Center for Gulf Studies Luiz Pinto is an Executive Director of BRICS Overseas. He holds a Ph.D. in economics and pursued postdoctoral studies at Columbia University in New York. Currently, he conducts research on macroeconomic policies and sectorial analysis in emerging markets, advising a number of international organizations and global corporations. Previously, he was the chief economist for several Brazilian government-sponsored initiatives in South America and was a Director of the Board of the South American Federation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He has authored dozens of book chapters and peer-review journal articles in top-tier outlets sponsored by prestigious universities and publishing houses, including Harvard University, Palgrave Macmillan, Brookings Institution and Columbia University.

Dr.Mohamed Elamin Musa Assistant Professor Dr. Musa joined Qatar University in 2016. Prior to joining Mass Communication Department he taught at Ajman University of Science and Technology, Sharjah University and Al Dar University College (Dubai). He has authored eight books and has written several refereed articles in online journalism, multimedia, graphic design, visual media and effective communication. His areas of research cover new media, online journalism, graphic and web design, layout and desktop publishing, nonverbal communication, effective communication, IT and how it can influence our life, psychology of Communication and economy and communication.

Dr.Rachid Aarab Professor Collaborator in Department of International Affairs Rachid Aarab researches international relations with a particular interest on energy policy. During the 2016–17 academic year he is a Visiting Research Scholar in Gulf Studies Center and Professor Collaborator in International Affairs Department at Qatar University. He is currently a Ph.D. scholar on Policies, Politics and International Relations at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is an assistant professor on international relations and public policy. His research spans the fields of international relations and energy studies with a focus on global energy policy, governance of national oil companies (NOCs) and international oil companies (IOCs), natural resources in the Middle East and North Africa, politics of Arab Gulf states, Islam and international relations, and Mediterranean politics. In 2015/16 he was a visiting researcher at Princeton University and in 2012 in the London School of Economics and Political Science.Previously, he earned M.A.s in International Relations, Security and Development from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in Philosophy from the University of Ramon Llull, and in Cognitive Science and Language also from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.His latest works and publications have been on Qatar petroleum, political Islam, Libya, Morocco, Qatar and the Gulf Cooperation Council. He was co-editor with Joan Porcell of the series “Pensar per Conviure” published by the Faculty of Philosophy of Ramon Llull University; these works are the result of a research agenda addressing the global ethics and future of humanity.

Dr.Baqer Alnajjar Professor BAQER SALMAN ALNAJJAR is Professor of Sociology at University of Bahrain. He received his Ph.D from Durham University. England 1983... Awarded Shaikh Zayed Award-2009.GCC Award for Intelectual acheivement2013, His main publications are N.G .Os in the Arabian Gulf-Bahrain- Follow up Bureau –Bahrain- 1988.Productivity in Industrial Sector in Bahrain – Centre for Research & Studies- Bahrain – 1993.Sociology of Arabian Gulf. Beirut-kunoz Publishing House – 1999.Women and Modernity in the Gulf – Beirut-Arab Cultural Centre- 2000.Dream to Migrate to wealth: Foreign Labour in the Gulf – Beirut –Centre For Arab Unity Studies- 2001.Society and Education in the Arabian Gulf – Beirut –Alsaqi Bookshop. 2003. Gender, Citizenship and Non-Governmental Organizations, Beirut, ESCWA, UN, 2003.The Religious Movements in the GCC Countries.Alsaqi Bookshop. Beirut- 2007.Soial policies in Bahrain.Beiruit.ESCWA.UN.2008. The strenuous Democracy in the Arabian Gulf-Beirut- Al-saqi Bookshop.2008.Arab Human development in 21 Century, AUC, Cairo,2014.

Mr.Ehab Salih Teaching Assistant I got my bachelor degree in physics in 2010 and master degree in experimental Physics in 2013 from faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Egypt. I have been teaching Physics for five years at Mansoura University for two years, Delta University of Science and Technology for two years and Qatar University during the last year.In research, I worked for ayear as a research assistant at Center for material Science, Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt. My main duties during this period focused on the development of either optical or electrochemical biosensors, studying the electrochemichal behavior of different inorganic nanomaterials, and developing new smart nanostructures (nanoparticles, nanofibers, nano-scaffolds, etc) for various biomedical application. Regarding this, I published eight articles in peer reviewed international journals and some others presented in international conferences.​

Mr.Yousif Mahdi Teaching Assistant I obtained my BSc. (Hons) degree in Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London. After, I completed my MSc in Psychiatric Research at King’s College London. During my undergraduate degree I completed a dissertation that looked at the detrimental effects of Methadone and other opioid therapies. My dissertation during my masters was based on an fMRI investigation looking at Modafinil and its effects on motor-sequence-learning in Schizophrenia patients.I have previously worked as a Research Assistant at Springfield Hospital and St. George’s University in a collaborative study, investigating the relation between mental health illnesses and the subsequent increase in the number of domestic abuse victims that occur.I have also worked as a Research Assistant in the in the Brain and Behaviour department at Royal Holloway, assisting in the analysis of MRI data. The research focused on eye tracking in the elderly, with the goal to improve learning in tasks required for independent living, such as driving.I particularly enjoy research that focuses on Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology and addiction. I have high hopes to continue researching and to complete a PhD.

Dr.Tarek Ben Hassen Assistant Professor Dr. Tarek Ben Hassen works as Assistant Professor of Policy, Planning and Development at the Department of International Affairs in the College of Arts and Science. Before that, he was Lecturer of geography in the Department of Humanities in Qatar University. Dr. Tarek received his PhD. degree from University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada) in 2012 in Urban studies. He hold a Master degree in management of innovation from University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (Canada). His research falls into the subfield of economic geography, with an emphasis on the study of the economic development and the innovation systems. He’s interested in analyzing the forces that affect the ways the economy organizes itself in geographical space and the socio-economic impacts of global industrial and technological changes, with a focus on the rise of the creative economy and the knowledge based economy.

Dr.Nastaran Kherad Assistant Professor Dr. Nastaran Kherad received her PhD in the Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, USA, with her focus on 20th and 21st Iranian Literature, Regionalism, and Translation Theory. She received her MA in English and Comparative World Literature from the California State University Long Beach, California, USA. She has been teaching courses in Persian Language and Culture as well as Comparative Literature at various Universities in Texas, California, Wisconsin, as well as Qatar over the past ten years. In addition to teaching languages and literature courses, she has been teaching courses in TESOL, IELTS, and Translation. She’s a published author and her recent translation of the novel, The Neighbors by the late Iranian author, Ahmad Mahmoud, was published by University of Texas Press, USA, in October 2013. Dr. Kherad has joined College of Science and Art in the Arabic Department as a lecturer, teaching Iranian Studies and Persian Language and Culture.

Dr.Erin Holliday-Karre Assistant Professor I am an assistant professor of English Literature in the department of English Literature and Linguistics. I am in the college of Arts and Sciences.Erin Holliday-Karre received her PhD from Loyola University Chicago in 2011. Immediately after graduation she was hired by Qatar University to teach Literary Criticism and 20th Century Literature. She remained an assistant professor at Qatar University for four years until personal circumstances brought her back to the United States. She is very excited to return to her wonderful colleagues and students in the Department of English Literature and Linguistics at Qatar University.

Dr.Ayat Al-Meanazel Assistant Professor I received my Ph. D. (2015) in Statistics from the University of Manitoba (Canada), B. Sc. (2005), M. Sc. (2008) in Mathematics from Al Albayt University (Jordan). My research interests are mainly in the area of mathematical statistics, probability, distribution theory of runs and patterns, and sampling theory.

Dr.Mohammed Al-Janaydeh Teaching Assistant Mohammed Al-Janaydeh is a teaching assistant in ecology laboratory in the department of biology and environmental sciences at Qatar University (QU). He has worked in the academic field since 2003 at the Hashemite University in Jordan after that at Majmaah University in Saudi Arabia until 2013. His research focuses on heavy metals pollution in urban areas and use of house crows as bio-indicators for metals pollution.Mohammed Janaydeh a PhD student at University Putra Malaysia with a specialization in eco-toxicology and urban pollution. He earned his BSc and MSc from the Hashemite University in Jordan with a specialization in biological sciences.

Dr.Dr. Paula Bouffard Associate Professor Paula Bouffard holds a PhD in linguistics from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Her research focuses on second language teaching and learning and on language planning and language policy. She previously taught French and French linguistics at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She is coauthor of Chez nous : branché sur le monde francophone, a complete introductory French textbook accompanied by media-enhanced materials published by Pearson Education.

Dr.Rami Abu Shehab Lecturer Dr. Abu Shehab holds a master’s degree in literature and Arabic criticism from the Hashemite University in Jordan 2005 and a doctorate in modern literary criticism (discourse and critical theory) from Institute of Arab Researches and Studies (Arab League) in Cairo. 2014. He worked in Qatar Foundation as academician, head of Arabic department and a lecturer (2005-2016).Dr. Abu Shehab got Sheikh Zayed award 2014 for his book Permanence and Deception: Post-Colonial Discourse in the Contemporary Arab Criticism” [Al Rasees Wal Mukhatala – Khitab Ma b’d Al Coloniyalyya fil Naqd Al Arabi Al Mu’aser]. The scientific committee described the book saying " The author, traces the principles of post-colonial criticism through their terminology and theoretical doctrines, which makes the book very influential in contemporary Arabic criticism. The main reason for recognizing this book is the author’s awareness of post-colonial era studies, and his understanding of their theoretical principles and terminology. The award recognizes Rami Abu Shehab’s unique selection of contemporary Arab criticism literature and his highlighting of the importance of post-colonial criticism studies, their extension into modern Arabic culture and opening-up of new prospects in the future of Arab studies".Dr. Abu Shehab participated and attend many lectures and conferences in Qatar, oxford UK. Kenya, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Greece, and Italy. he published (6) books, in literature and criticism and the Palestinian issue, including a collection of poems.’ He had dozens of research papers, and articles published in Arabic journals and newspapers. He is a referee and expert member in numerous academic and cultural committees.

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