Bachelor Civil Engineering | University of Twente (The Netherlands) (2023)

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Creating and managing civil engineering solutions in a way that works for people and society.

Is raising the dykes the only way to reduce flood risk, or are there smarter, cheaper solutions? How do you install a resilient electricity grid in a hurricane zone? Which factors do you have to keep in mind to ensure that new roads or structures will endure the effects of climate change? How do you secure and balance the many interests of the government, residents, companies, or the environment in such large projects? If these questions fascinate you, the three-year, English-taughtBachelor’s in Civil Engineering is the right choice for you.

In the Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, you acquire both the technical and non-technical knowledge you need to take on complex civil engineering challenges. Youlearn everything a civil engineer needs to know in order to design, construct and manage large projects in construction & infrastructure, water management, and traffic & transport. Youalso become an expert in the many important organizational and non-technical issues involved in such projects, from legal and administrative aspects to communication, project and process management.

Read more about the study programme, admission requirements, application deadlineand career prospects for this programme, or about our Master’s in(CEM) or (CME)

Thijs' vlog as civil engineering student

Are you curious what it's like to study Civil Engineering? Thijs shows you a day in his student life.

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Why study Civil Engineering?

There are dozens of reasons to sign up for the Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at the University of Twente (UT). Read the top six here!

  • Become an expert in both technical and non-technical aspects of civil engineering projects

    The fusion of hard technology – including subjects like mathematics and mechanics – with ‘soft skills’, such as management and communication, make our Bachelor’sunique, both in the Netherlands and internationally. It also fits in with the UT’s High Tech Human Touch philosophy. As a civil engineer from the UT, you will be perfectly equipped to come up with technically sound solutions. On top of that, you will have a keen understanding of vital organizational, societal and economic aspects. You will gain expertise in modelling and calculating, as well as in managing projects and risks, consulting with stakeholders, or balancing conflicting interests. This Bachelor’s will enable you to build up an all-round profile.

  • Gain knowledge and skills that are in high demand on the job market

    In the Netherlands and around the world there is an enormous demand for civil engineers. In this country alone, there were around 125,000 job vacancies in 2018. With the construction of homes and infrastructure regaining momentum, many large and small companies badly need engineers. Even in a weaker economy, demand will remain high; just think of the enormous global gap in infrastructure maintenance. All of our graduates have a good job within three months of finishing the programme. There are many options available after your bachelor’s degree.

  • Study at the best Civil Engineering programme in the Netherlands and one of the best in the world

    Our Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering has been acclaimed as the best programme in its category in the Netherlands for several years running by the Dutch "Keuzegids Universiteiten". Add to this that Dutch engineers are known as the best in the world (‘Bring in the Dutch’), and you can understand why with this degree you can make a difference anywhere in the world. Here at the UT, we are global frontrunners in research areas within all three civil engineering domains: water, traffic & transport, and construction & infrastructure. Examples include our research into integral water management and the ‘Twentse’ water footprint, asphalting process management, ‘Mobility as a Service’, and resilience engineering. As a student, you will get a lot of exposure to this knowledge – and the top scientists behind it. What’s more, after this Bachelor’syou can immediately continue on to our Master’s in(CEM) or (CME), both of which combine technology and soft skills.

  • Get ready for an international career in civil engineering

    Given the demand worldwide for civil engineers from the Netherlands and from Twente, we are eager to prepare you for an international career. The teaching language is English, about a quarter of the students and a fifth of the staff are non-Dutch, and the study programme is set in an international context. Throughout the first year, for example, you will follow a module about water management, in which you have to design a dam for the Blue Nile in Ethiopia. It goes without saying that this project is not just about technical aspects, but also about optimally managing all kinds of human and ecological interests in the area.

  • Combine scientific theory with practical projects and individual choices

    One ofUT’s distinguishing characteristics is its practical application and valorization of scientific knowledge. In every module, you work on a team project in which you directly apply the knowledge you have gained to a current issue. You research it and report on it. You make plans and designs. You work together in multi-disciplinary teams, sometimes with students from other programmes, which will strengthen your interdisciplinary skills. You will become an academically grounded, creative problem solver.

  • Grow as a 21st-century professional and enjoy our magnificent campus

    In addition to thorough professional knowledge and skills, you will develop a broad package of 21* century skills and personal competences in this programme. You develop a working attitude focused on self-reflection and lifelong learning. Our informal, personal approach is aimed at helping you flourish both professionally and personally. You become more entrepreneurial and learn to apply academic knowledge to social practice. We challenge you to look beyond disciplinary and cultural barriers and to work well together with others, like in our strong project-based education. Additionally, you will have an unforgettable student experience thanks to our wonderful, green campus and the vibrant student city of Enschede, a city full of knowledge, innovation and fun!

Programme overview


Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering
Certification: BSc

CROHO code



Engineering Technology


3 years


Full-time (no part-time programs possible)



Starting date





Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands


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