18 Best Schools to Get Free Online High School Diploma in 2022 (2023)

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18 Schools to Get Free Online High School Diploma

Alabama Virtual Academy

(Access over 90 core courses)

As the name suggests, Alabama Virtual Academy is an online-based educational center where students can learn and acquire high school diplomas at no cost.

Even though it has programs for children in grades 9-12, adults too can enroll and attain their full academic potential.

The institution offers a personalized K-12 curriculum covering core subjects and frequent assessments to ensure learners succeed in their studies.

The courses include;

  • K12 Math
  • Up to 4 world Languages
  • Art
  • Science
  • History

The program has highly qualified teachers who interact with the learners on the platform or through phone calls.

You can enroll by creating a new user account, then submit your application.

After approval, you’ll have access to learning tools or resources, including;

  • Free Textbooks
  • Telescopes
  • Quizzes

In addition, you can interact with the school community and participate in monthly extracurricular activities where you’ll have a chance to socialize.

Frontier Charter School

(Access over 100 high school courses)

Frontier Charter School was founded in 2003 to offer an online-based platform that supports homeschool families.

Because the classes are self-paced, adults can enroll in the program and graduate with a high school diploma in their own time.

When you enroll in the program, you’ll have access to the following resources;

  • Academic advice
  • Instructional vendors
  • Frontier handbook with a detailed curriculum
  • Access to ASD or Anchorage School District schools
  • Get an ASD high school diploma
  • Access NCAA-Approved curriculum
  • Use the diploma to enroll in colleges, universities and find jobs.

Some of the programs available in this platform include;

  • Accelus Power Homeschool for K-12 offers video-based lessons
  • AK Grad(9-12) offering courses for all students.
  • ALEKS(3-12) providing individualized lessons
  • Khan Academy’s instructional videos

There are also live classes for all subjects with accredited teachers.

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Fairbanks Best Homeschool

(Access up to high school 100 courses)

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Fairbanks Best Homeschool is an educational platform that offers learning materials for students and adults from minority groups.

The school program is fully funded to cover the cost of tuition and learning materials.

The program also supports returning students who had abandoned their studies due to various reasons.

To get started, you must create your students account on the website, which helps plan your study and monitoring progress reports.

After that, an educational specialist will review your curriculum options and develop a personalized learning program.

You will also have a one-on-one meeting with the official who can advise you on how to request a reimbursement for your learning materials.

Once you enroll, you’ll have access to the high school curriculum options from other institutions such as;

You can also participate in other activities, including;

  • Computer Science Week
  • Connect with Nature
  • Classes
  • Black History Month
  • First Day of School
  • Kids Vote
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Ed
  • Science Fair
  • Battle of the Books

Arizona Virtual Academy

(Access over 130 core courses)

Arizona Virtual Academy offers a K-12 powered curriculum for students and adults resuming their high school studies.

The academy is accredited by NCA CASI ( North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement). This means you can transfer your credits to another institution, join a college or university and look for a job upon graduation.

When you join the platform, you’ll have access to a robust curriculum with over 130 core courses, including Math, Science, Arts, Language, and Science.

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Hope High School Online

(Access over 50 core and optional courses)

Hope High School Online is an Arizona-accredited institution that started in 2004 to offer virtual learning for students.

The program offers tuition-free academic programs for students in grades 9 to 12 as well as adults.

The courses are accredited and meet state and federal government guidelines.

To enroll, you’ll need to send the following documents via email;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Transcripts from previous schools
  • Proof of address

Once you send the documents, someone will get back to you within 48 hours with further instructions on how and when to commence your classes.

Best Schools to Get Free Online High School Diploma For Kids

1. Stride K-12

(Access over 100 free study resources)

Stride K12 is a for-profit institution that offers an alternative form of education different from traditional schooling.

The institution provides a virtual environment where pupils can achieve their potential anywhere in the country or abroad.

It doesn’t cost anything, and there are advantages to enrolling your child in this program:

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  • Your child will be taught by government-sponsored teachers
  • There are study resources such as; hands-on tools, textbooks, and workbooks.
  • The program follows the normal school calendar, so your child finishes their study on time.
  • The assessments and grades adhere to the state guidelines.

To find if there are available programs in your state;

  • Visit the school finder page
  • Select your child’s grade
  • Enter the zip code

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2. Connections Academy

(Get an accredited school in up to 50 states)

Connections Academy falls under a group of tuition-free public institutions for learners in grades K-12 and the programs are accredited by Cognia which is a non-profit organization that accredits schools in the US.

The school provides a virtual classroom that enables students to study and attain their high school diploma anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. As well, your child builds essential educational skills that meet the state requirements.

In addition, these programs are recognized by the US department of education and council for higher education.

You can find an enrollment center nearby by searching with your state on the website.

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3. Clovis Online School

(Get over 100 NCAA accredited courses)

Clovis Online School is a California-based center of learning for students in grades K-12. The school offers complimentary courses that meet the standards for K12 to enable learners to attain a high school diploma.

The high school courses include; English, World Language, Social studies, Maths, and science and are NCAA And UC ag approved.

For your child to be eligible, you must reside in the following counties:

  • Fresno
  • Inyo
  • Kings
  • Madera
  • Merced
  • Mono
  • Monterey
  • San Benito
  • Tulare

The program hires qualified and full-time tutors and has an interactive curriculum. The Elementary school may require the student to lodge during a specific interaction with the teacher.

4. Gateway Virtual Academy

(Enrol for up to 2 semesters per course)

Gateway Virtual Academy is a private Islamic virtual school that offers tuition-free public education to K 12 students to attain an accredited high school diploma and make better career choices.

When you enroll your child for the online school, they’ll have access to resources such as;

  • Free assessment tools
  • Engaging activities
  • Student discussions
  • Virtual labs
  • Science experiments

Even though the classes are free, you’ll need to pay an enrollment fee of up to $200 per child. It’s non-refundable and covers the cost of a digital curriculum.

The school incorporates the learning coach program, which ensures the active participation of students in their child’s school activities. Also, the credits earned are transferable.

Gateway Virtual Academy courses

Grade 9Language Arts 9Algebra 1Earth ScienceAmerican History
Grade 10Language Arts 10BiologyGeometryWorld Geography
Grade 11Language Arts 11Algebra 2ChemistryAP US Government and Politics
Grade 12AP English Language and CompositionPre CalculusEconomics Semester 1Civics – Semester 2Physics

The program also offers self-paced elective courses for high-school learners and these include;

Physical Education A & B2 semesters
Life Management1 semester
Essentials of Business1 semester
Health Careers1 semester
Career Planning1 semester
Intro to Nursing A & B2 semesters
Psychology A & B2 semesters
Basic Web Design1 semester
Computer Basics1 semester
Graphic Design1 semester
Javascript1 semester
Study Skills1 semester
Basic Drawing1 semester
Beginning Painting1 semester
Art Exploration1 semester

5. World Academy

(Access up 7 learning institutions)

World Academy is a program under Eagle County Schools that offers free virtual learning programs for K12 students.

The online curriculum incorporates local tutors’ support, participation in sports, activities, and local socialization.

Once you enroll your child, they get structured coursework including transferable credits that enable them to transition into physical classrooms when ready.

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The remote learning programs have licensed and certified tutors. Other resources available include instructional videos, assignments, and quizzes.

Your child can also get a virtual counselor who will track their progress through school.

6. Clay Virtual Academy

(Study with over 200 other students)

Clay Virtual Academy is an online school in Orange Park, Florida that prepares K12 learners for educational success in a competitive global environment.

It offers classes remotely and equips your child with the necessary skills to prepare them for admissions in colleges and universities.

The program started in 2010 and collaborates with qualified Clay County teachers to deliver content to the pupils.

7. Georgia Cyber Academy

(Get personalized lessons and grade response of up to 5 days for assignments)

Georgia Cyber Academy is a free online public school accredited by Cognia to offer lessons to K12 students.

The programs, as well as the curriculum, are recognized by universities, colleges, and employers.

The schools offer a combination of remote, self-paced classes and activities to allow your child to personalize their learning, thereby maximizing their chances of success.

Students can submit their assignments by sending an email to the tutors during the courses. The grade response time is 3 to 5 days after your child submits their assessment.

8. iSucceed Virtual High School

(Get a comprehensive catalog of over 10 subjects)

iSucceed Virtual High School is Idaho’s online free public school offering learning programs to blend with students’ lifestyles.

When your child enrolls in the program, they can explore various courses, including;

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • General Electives
  • Humanities
  • Health and Physical Education
  • World Languages
  • Social Studies
  • Science

The program is accredited, and therefore, the diploma awarded is recognized by employers, universities, and colleges.

The team of certified instructors offers personalized and one-on-one support to your child.
You also also download the course catalog on the website.

9. Hoosier Academies

(Access over 10 study resources)

Hoosier Academies is based in Indianapolis and offers full-time studies for K-8 students. The program is free and offers a mix of online classes and extracurricular activities.

It’s a broad program, and your child has access to Strike K12 books and materials. The state-sponsored teachers conduct the virtual sessions, also known as Class Connects.

The program has online classrooms that offer engaging lessons to develop your child’s abilities and interests.

The sessions are interactive, and as a parent, you can track your child’s progress through assignments and coursework. There’s also regular communication with the teachers or the learning coaches.

Other resources include;

  • Events for the families
  • Special programs
  • Special education
  • Newsletter

10. Turning Point Virtual Program

(Access learning materials in up to 10 states)

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Turning Point Virtual Program is a K12 partner school located in South Market, Emporia. Its main mission is to ignite the minds of little children through online learning.

The school offers an individualized curriculum for grades K-5 to 12, based on years of research.

The program has state-certified instructors and advanced teaching tools that enable communication through online meetings, e-mail, and telephone.

Once you enroll your child, they will get study resources, including;

  • Textbooks
  • CDs
  • Videos

There’s also a support system for the parents, and you can track your child’s progress. Also, there are networking opportunities such as events or outings.

11. Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School

(Access over 15 self-guided modules)

Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School is located in Massachusetts and serves learners who need a virtual and flexible learning environment.

Academic programs for grades 9 to 12 prepare students for universities, colleges, and employment opportunities.

There is structured learning and a rigorous curriculum to help your child succeed.

Examples of resources available include;

  • Self-guided class modules
  • Streaming video lessons
  • Textbooks
  • Virtual libraries
  • Discussion boards
  • Classroom notes

12. Bluesky Charter School

(Access study resources in over 80 counties of Minnesota and Comprehensive Assessments)

Bluesky Charter School is a public charter institution serving learners in Minnesota. It was formed in 2000 to offer flexible and free education to K12 learners.

Upon enrolment, you’ll get a student and parent handbook as well as useful resources, including video lessons and interactive sessions.

Your child participates in Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments(MCAs) to measure their progress and meet the state’s academic standards.

13. Nevada Virtual Academy

(Interact with up to 10 teachers and over 3 study resources)

Nevada Virtual Academy is located in ClasscraftSandhill Rd, Las Vegas, and offers a K12 curriculum to learners. It doesn’t charge enrollment or tuition fees.

At Nevada Virtual Academy, your child will receive one-on-one attention, and teachers will be available via phone, email, and text.

Your child will also get support and online resources such as assignments, videos, and extracurricular activities.

Qualified and licensed teachers teach the students, and the credits will apply towards your child’s high school graduation.

Free Online High School FAQ

Are free online high schools accredited?

Free online high schools offer a curriculum that meets all state standards and satisfies all requirements for a high school diploma. The courses are designed by licensed teachers and are tailored to meet the learners’ needs.

The schools are accredited, and your child can enroll in universities and colleges after graduation. They can also seek employment opportunities with their grades.

How long do online high school courses take?

Free online high school courses are available for students starting at grade 9 through grade 12. The time taken depends on the child’s learning pace. It can take three years to complete for most students if they balance their work and school obligations. Also, it’s imperative not to miss classes and attend assignments on time.


What is the best online high school for adults? ›

Top 21 Accredited Online High School Diploma Programs
  • PENN FOSTER. ...

How can I get my high school diploma online for free in California for adults? ›

COHS is a free online high school diploma and career certificate program for adults, available through LA County Library.

Is Penn Foster accredited 2022? ›

Penn Foster is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The DEAC is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

How do I get my high school diploma in Oregon? ›

The state of Oregon requires students to complete 24 credits to earn a high school diploma. This requirement applies to all students, regardless of their age, or when they first enrolled in high school.

How do I get my high school diploma online in Texas? ›

The Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) offers online learning opportunities to students across the state through a partnership with districts. The TxVSN Online Schools Program (OLS) offers full-time virtual instruction through eligible public schools to Texas public school students in grades 3-12.


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